Here are some recent Before and After designs.  I believe it will help you glimpse a view into my design process at Pen & Ink Magic.

Sample of Newsletter Header:

This client supplied a sample and asked me to create a newspaper header, using her existing logo, for her website. Sign up for the latest newsletter at Aspenbloom Pet Care.

Sample of Vector Illustration:

Another type of illustration I am experienced in is vector illustration. I used vector-based software and create images that are used in scaled images. These are great for promotional items because they can be printed as small as a logo or as large as a billboard.


Sample of Logo Clean-up:

This client gave me a small pixel image and wanted vector art created for letterhead.pen-and-ink-magic

Sample of Website Branding:

The client was looking to update a logo on their website. They wanted a newborn dog image for a dog breeder theme in the colors they already used throughout their website.  Visit Natural Rearing Breeders Association.


Sample of Podcast Icon:

Here is a sample where a client wanted an existing logo turned into a podcast icon. I created the art with vector illustration. The podcast for Animal Talk Naturally is available online.