Book Illustrator

Covers are not the only illustrations Pen & Ink Magic can do. Laura L. Leatherwood can illustrate interior pages as well. As above, let her know all the details of your assignment so she can offer you the most objective quote. Leatherwood tends to quote jobs on the number of illustrations required. The more illustrations you commission, the greater the discount on the overall project. Will they be black and white illustrations or full-color? Will they be 1/2 page images or a spread, spanning two pages? Is this a book for adults or a child’s picture book? Please explain your project thoroughly. Picture books will often have a royalty attached to the assignment as well.

Maybe you have a textbook which requires charts, graphs, and tables. Infographics may be an option for you. These are images that help your viewer visualize your presentation. Prices are based on the complexity of the material and images required.

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