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The most important part of your business is branding. It is the whole package deal. Anything else becomes secondary. – Laura L. Leatherwood

Going Beyond a Brand Name and Logo

When we speak of branding and brand identity, we must look past just the brand name and logo. It is an entire package of marketing materials relating to how your company is portrayed to their audience.

Marketing can be compared to landscaping an English garden. The first impression of the garden brings the viewer joy as they see the richness of color. Then the viewer may key in of the focal point. Maybe it is a small waterfall in a pond or an ornamental tree. The story of the garden then begins to unfold. The viewer may take notice of the paths and where they are heading. The viewer may pick up on what is important, visually in each section. With further study, the nuisances in the garden begin to show up. Delicate flowers, garden accents, and maybe a rock ground cover, may delight the senses. The fine detail adds to the charm of the whole view.

As in developing an English garden, to know a little something about branding your image. You need to know a bit about marketing and what role it has in engaging your viewer. On the grand scale of things, we all can agree it is best to put your best foot forward and get your best bang for your buck. What will give you the greatest outcome when advertising? What do customers or consumers respond to? Relate this to the example of the English garden above. With a little research, discover your message and the best way to display it.

When you have garden paths that are, let's say, all made of red brick throughout the garden, this creates a consistency throughout the garden. It remains cohesive. We use a similar application in marketing to improve your conversion rates. These are the people seeing your content advertising to the point where they are actually using your product or service. A consistency in your content materials also needs to be present. This is the essence of branding.

In a garden, you would know which elements of design were more prominent and captured a vision of beauty by the reaction of the visitors. In marketing, how we measure the performance rate of the material is by taking a look at the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). This more readily comes into play when a company measures the metric charts showing overall performance from a given time period until the next. Then the company is able to select which pieces of advertising are working more successfully for them and continue on that path.

Along these same lines, a company will want to watch their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to see how their business is performing. From this analysis, the company can create smart content for their website and other direct marketing materials as a gardener may plant selective plants or display prominent assets in the garden. This kind of involvement leads to a positive reinforcement of the company's marketing approach. It is important to remember that their marketing materials need to remain up-to-date, reliable, user-friendly, and engaging.

The result of this kind of direct marketing will create a trickle-down effect. The word of mouth created from customers or clients, known as indirect marketing will skyrocket if your branding performance excels. It is important to create a positive brand image. The result is a higher degree of consumer confidence. With continued reliability, their message will fulfill a brand promise. It becomes a win-win situation.

Here is an outline of what you might want to consider when branding, or even re-branding your company.  First of all, describe your company, in your own words. Plant the message of the product, service, or idea your company needs to convey. Know who your target audience is and tailor your former description to this audience. Dig out what relevant information would add value to your product, service, or idea. Rank your content by priority of the objective or goal you had in mind. In other words, where does the emphasis need to be placed within your overall design? Weed out the clutter.  What needs to be said or visualized to convey this message is crucial. The desire is to have a cohesive relationship between your written and visual content is the ultimate plan.

May Pen & Ink Magic join forces to design a plan that works best for you and your customers.  Visit the contact page for more assistance.

Recent Branding Projects

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Recent Branding Projects

Great branding identity is a critical component to company success. – Laura L. Leatherwood

Custom Artwork and Illustrations

To add personality to your brand, using custom artwork and illustrations. These original pieces will be a great asset to your boudoir of content. Leatherwood likes to promote her abstract art for such a purpose. See the article "5 Reasons Why Abstract Art Can Improve your Website" by the author, Cheryl Olmstead.

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Importance of Branding

When you start your own company, you need to invest in the visual content as well as the written content of your website and other collateral materials. If you are a first-time business owner or in the process of rebranding, read Leatherwood's article on the "Importance of Branding." All your materials need a consistent look and feel whether it is for the web, trade show booths, brochures, or catalogs. Take a look at Pen & Ink Magic's approach to branding.

Importance of Branding

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