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If you think of your company’s visual identity as a wardrobe, then collateral materials are all the individual garments and accessories. In other words, these are all the items that use your branding to serve your marketing plan—from invoices and web banners to billboards and media kits. Pen & Ink Magic creates the art pieces for you and helps to maintain a consistent form of marketing.

Advertisements and Advertising Tools

Pen & Ink Magic creates print and web advertisements to promote your product, your service, or your message. The goal of Pen & Ink Magic is to give you a consistent ad campaign—being consistent is the most important part of making you recognizable.

Depending on your needs, the advertisements can be big or small, static or interactive. Billboards are the largest ads Pen & Ink Magic will make—they can stand by the roads, move around on the side a bus, or can be displayed in retail box stores. Among the smallest formats are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) buttons—small interactive ads featured on websites.

Online advertising can take very simple forms—social media cards only need to display your message and your logo.

Presentation Materials

Whether your goal is to promote or to inform, Pen & Ink Magic helps you prepare the suitable materials.

Flyers, handouts, and brochures can be part of your ad campaign, a special event, or serve a wide array of other purposes; company fact sheets help to provide a quick glance into your business.

Business cards are essential for corporate introductions—your potential customers quickly learn what your logo looks like, how to contact you, and what services or products you provide; afterwards your card keeps serving as a tangible reminder of your encounter.

A tradeshow booth package contains all the materials you’d need to take along to an exhibit, a fair, or a tradeshow: flyers, brochures, business cards, fact sheets, stickers, pull-up banners, and wall art.

Visual Improvements for your Website

Whether you run a pet shop or a podcast, Pen & Ink Magic can do a number of things to spruce up your blog or website. Sometimes pairing new suitable images to your content is all it takes to create a fresh look. Other times Laura L. Leatherwood will need to rework the basics—the content placement, color scheme, balance between texts and imagery, sizes, fonts, and formats—Pen & Ink Magic will assemble your design puzzle over again so to speak. She will also help to ensure that your company’s web presence and print media complement each other well.

Customized Web Elements

Even when your website or profile already looks fine, Pen & Ink Magic can help you stand out even better with customized elements.

Site backgrounds, also well-placed headers and banners let you set the right tone for your website.

Buttons complement the User Interface (UI) of a website, assisting the user as they move around between linked locations. Call to Action (CTA) buttons prompt the user to do something—sign up for a newsletter, open a special offer, send a message, and so on.

Icons work like traffic signs for your site, directing the user between categories and levels. When used well, icons greatly improve the User Experience (UX).

Image Customization and Unique Artworks

Pen & Ink Magic excels in vector illustration. Vector images are ideal for promotional uses because they can be scaled without a change in quality—the same image will work for a minute icon, as well as a big billboard.

With vector graphics, Leatherwood will turn you pixel image into a clean, many-use logo, make a brand-new image using the themes and colors of your choice, or rework your existing logo into for more uses—like podcast icons or promo graphics.

She also creates and processes pictures, providing you with profile photos and blog images.

Media Kits or Press Kits

Press kit or media kit means a collection of materials that show off your assets and keeps your customers up-to-date.

Pen & Ink Magic works with you to assemble the materials to introduce your business just the way you need. Your press kit could include a mission statement, your company’s history, descriptions of your products or services along with pricing, testimonials, frequently asked questions. Your kit should always include contact information.

Product Presentation

No matter how good your products are, you’ll also want them to look good. Pen & Ink Magic helps you to show your products at their best.

Leatherwood will create professional package designs and packaging labels. These can include simple or elaborate Illustrations, product descriptions, ingredient lists, contact information, barcodes.

She will make catalogs, menus, product—and data sheets, and pricing guides. Leatherwood will work her photo retouching magic to make your products look great.

When you distribute your music, videos, or other media content on DVDs, Pen & Ink Magic will make disk and box covers for you.

Corporate Communication Tools

Every piece of outbound communication that shows the visuals of your company, helps people to remember and recognize your brand.

Pen & Ink Magic takes care of your corporate stationery, such as letterheads, postcards, envelopes and return labels, direct mailers, signage, stickers, and stamps. Leatherwood will format your official communications, including invitations and invoices, reports, bids, contracts, and proposals.

Visual Aids and Infographics

Infographics are meant to visualize data, or visually represent an idea. Pen & Ink Magic can break down complex ideas, and present your data in flowcharts, diagrams, metric charts, and symbols.

Leatherwood will prepare visuals for your presentations, work out graphics for your webinars, and provide templates for your slides and worksheets.


Pen & Ink Magic uses page formatting software to create professional newsletters for your company or organization.

Whether your newsletter is meant for in-house use or goes out to your customers, whether it is meant for commercial or volunteer use, Leatherwood will find a way to present your content well.

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