Custom Designed Tote Bags


Pen & Ink Magic is a great source to have custom designed tote bags created with your company branding in mind. With a ban of free disposable plastic bags in California, consumer’s will often opt to bring in their own re-usable tote bags. What better time to up your marketing presence than with consumers carrying totes with you company message. Offer free reusable bags to your customers with a coupon, and you will have them flooding your store for free merchandise.

Even if you are not a box store or grocery outlet, advertising on a tote bag is still very beneficial as a means of advertising whatever type of business you own. Mom and Pop local business owners can take advantage of this marketing item as well. Regional businesses can benefit from B2B advertising. Present your logo, map your location, convey a message about the benefit of protecting the environment or your company plan. This bag is your canvas. Use it to show your vision. Create a series of bags for each season or sales event. The possibilities are endless. Let me help you create an image that is right for you.

–Laura L. Leatherwood, Artist



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