Custom Dog Portraits

Instead of traditional dog portraits, I create a unique, one-of-a-kind, abstract dog portrait designs.– Laura L. Leatherwood

Order a custom digital dog portrait by artist, Laura L. Leatherwood. Online graphic design services, custom digital dog portraits, and dog illustrations, as well as professional photo touch-ups, photo restoration and photo painting are among the services offered.

Which of your images captures the personality of your dog most accurately? Before submitting your favorite image of your pet, be prepared to send additional supporting images as well. Is the dog you have defiant, quirky, or aloof?

Each dog displays their own set of characteristics. Try to describe what characteristics stand out for you. I am quite fond of the sassy, but funny, pets with plenty of attitudes. They always have that, “Are you looking at me?” grin on their faces. How about the look that says, “I didn’t do anything wrong,” or, the jealous, “How come he gets to do everything and I don’t?” look.

Let’s make this fun.  Let me know what you have in mind and we will work together to achieve a piece of art you will love.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration begins with an observation my surroundings. I never grow tired, focusing on line, shape, color, and light. I apply this commitment to fine detail to all aspects of my creative boudoir, whether it is fine art, graphic design, or photography.

Creating art is a magnificent means of exploration. Although I love the countless art mediums and styles, I tend to gravitate toward mixed media abstract art. It allows me to have the greatest freedom of expression.

Recently, I started painting abstract pet portraits to share my art. It allows me the freedom to be creative with my abstract art while maintaining my skills in illustration and design.

The client receives both a work of art and a precious image of their pet to last a lifetime.

Guidelines While Photographing Your Dog

When you first begin photographing your dog, you want to follow these basic guidelines.

First, you want to take them outside to get the best natural lighting possible. Indoor pet shots can often be grainy and have a red-eye effect.

The best hours to photograph your dogs are during the magical golden hours. These are known as the hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. This is where you still get the benefit of sunlight, but the sun is close to the horizon and giving off a beautiful glow. It is not as harsh as sunlight at noon.

However, if noon is the only available time you have during your busy schedule, take your photographs, but check for areas of your picture that may appear all white. These are blown-out areas of your photograph. It may be necessary to place your pet in the shade and re-shoot if this happens.

The second thing you want to consider is your relationship with you and your dog.

Be sure to wear casual clothing and get down to their eye level. Take the view of the dog and look at the world through their eyes. These photos will be far more engaging than you standing and shooting down at them. However, sometimes, it is too engaging for your pets. When you get on the ground, they may want to come sit on your lap or get in your face. Then they are, obviously, too close.

It may be necessary to place only the camera in a low position on something like a tabletop tripod. If you are able to remotely take a shot or set the timer, it may work to your advantage. Sometimes I like to set the time-lapse feature and play with my pet while the camera does all the work.

The whole point is to have a good time taking these images. Have fun with it and get creative with props, such as sunglasses or hats. Don’t forget to take close-ups and additional photos with your dogs playing with their favorite toys. In the end, you will have a great group of photos to turn into a photo collage and several more fit for framing.

Pet Memorial

When we lose a family dog, it is an important time to create a memorial. It helps to make their presence visible. You may want to hang a photo collage, create a box frame with their favorite poem or quote, favorite toy, plant a tree, or create a small garden in their memory.

To help you past your grief, you must find a way to honor your dog. One of the best ways to memorialize your dog is to hang a custom art portrait painting of them. It would make a wonderful tribute to a terrific pet.

Honor your dog as they pass over the rainbow bridge. Send me a photo of your pet how you would like to remember them. With my bright colors and loose abstract style, these pet portraits are bound to brighten up any home and leave you with fond memories.

Turnaround Time for Portraits

These are approximate turnaround times for my custom dog portraits. If you require a rush job, let me know your deadline.  Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Over time, weekends, and holidays are available for an additional fee.

Great for websites.

3″ x 3″ Digital Profile Pet Photo Painting
1/2 Business Day

Great for photo frame and gifts.

5″ x 7″ Digital Pet Photo Painting
1 Business Day

Great for personal t-shirts, tote bags, and printed canvas.

8″ x 10″ Digital Pet Photo Painting
2 Business Days

Great for wall art.

12″ x 12″ Digital Pet Photo Painting
3 Business Days

11″ x 14″ Digital Pet Photo Painting
3 Business Days

16″ x 20″ Digital Pet Photo Painting
5 Business Days

Customized Gifts

It is often difficult to shop for people who seem to have it all. That is where a personalized or customized gift can make things so much easier. In this case, custom pet portraits make great gifts for dog lovers and animal lovers alike.

When you order a commissioned portrait, you are not limited to viewing it on your phone or computer desktop. If you have multiple pets, feel free to order smaller portrait sizes for each pet and create a wall collage in your child’s bedroom, for example. If you have a color scheme for a bedroom, note that on the contact page, and I can design accordingly.

When your dog designs are complete, I will email you digital files. By providing this design service, I can pass savings on to you. You will not have the sales tax or shipping fees added to your invoice. This is because I am providing a service, not a product. Service in this manner is also extremely quick. You do not have to wait for delivery of your item. This removes a large headache from those of you who might be last minute shoppers.

Instead, take this digital file to your own digital print shop, photo department, or print-on-demand site to create one-of-a-kind gifts for your friends and family. Many locations offer greeting cards, mugs, tote bags, T-shirts, prints, blankets, and wall art options. It is just important to order an image large enough for the product you wish to purchase.

If you are apprehensive about how to go about creating a product, visit my Fees page to see more information on assistance I can offer.

Black Cat Abstract Accent Pillow

Do you wish to have custom gifts created for your friends and family? Commission a custom digital pet portrait. You can receive a .jpg by email and have me place an item on a T-shirt, mug, pillow, etc. for purchase by a third party. The black cat is a sample of my latest digital pet portrait.

This black cat abstract is a painting created by artist, Laura L. Leatherwood.

Black Cat Abstract Accent Pillow

Black Cat Abstract Accent Pillow

by PENandINKmagic

No Additional Charge for Multiple Pets

Many pet portrait artists charge additional fees for each pet included in an image. At Custom Dog Portraits, I do not charge this fee to my clients and I work with them to try to get the best possible image.

Not everyone wants to have each pet in an individual portrait. They prefer to group loved pets together. Ideally, you could have an image with all the pets together. However, this is not a mandatory requirement. In this case, I used three separate photographs and combined them into one pet portrait image. When you send your photographs, please be mindful of the perspective. For instance, one dog image, taken from above and another with a dog portrait taken on the floor, may not work well together.


50% Off Special

Order a second image for yourself or as a gift and receive 50% off my service price. The discount will be applied to the smaller valued image. This offer can not be combined with any other offer and is subject to change at any time.

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