The most important part of your business is branding. It is the whole package deal. Anything else becomes secondary.

When you start your own company, you need to invest in the visual content as well as the written content of your website and other collateral materials. One website I have started working on recently is for Ray C. Lane, Jr., at Lane Creative Communication. He wrote the content, as a copywriter, and I begun the visual journey. The first step we took was creating a digital portrait painting to express the 'creativity' of his website. The next step was to work on the site banner and landing page of his website. Below are samples of the digital painting and a branding image I created for his page on a T-shirt.

Lane Creative Communication T-Shirt

Happy Mermaids Project

Another website I worked on recently as a joint project was HappyMermaids. com with Cheryl Olmstead, copywriter.  Again, she wrote the content for the website and I branded it as well as created t-shirts, towels, mugs, wall art, etc to sell at the mermaid store.  I illustrated several mermaid characters to go with the website, beginning with us, Spunky and Sassy.

Visual Web Content

Do you have a website or blog that needs sprucing up? I can pair and image up with your message and create a look that is right for you. Sometimes, you just have to get back to basics with some good old fashion graphic design basics. Graphic design is really like assembling a puzzle. A client will offer stock images and text and you have to arrange the content on a page. If you ever need visual content to match your website, blog, or printed collateral material, ask me for help. I pair images with written content and create it in a size and format that is best suited to your design needs.

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Marketing Materials

If you are a first time business owner or in the process of rebranding, read my page on the Importance of Branding. All your materials need a consistant look and feel whether it is for the web, trade show booths, brochures, or catalogues. Take a look at my approach to branding.

Additional Services