How Journaling Inspires Creativity

by Cheryl Olmstead

The Art of Journal Writing

As a creative soul, I love to make magic with words.  Word pictures and thoughts often bubble up within me and take on a life of their own.  They are an unexpected gift that sometimes surprises me. To free the muse inside of me, I’ve come to appreciate how journaling inspires creativity.

Being creative is not so much about constantly conceiving new ideas, but rather giving way to the muse that is in you. To do that, you must to free up space to let her flow freely through your mind, heart, and emotions.

Oh inspirational muse, give me words that pound with the power of one hundred ocean waves.”

Stress, negativity, emotional clutter, and the business of living can easily get in the way of creativity, which can send your muse fleeing.

How Journaling Inspires Creativity

To keep your muse active, she must be fed. Carving out time to organize your thoughts and practice self reflection, meditation, prayer, and similar disciplines calms the mind and provides fodder for creative ideas.

Capturing these wild and often fleeting ideas and writing them down in a journal is a discipline that provides the creative fuel needed to keep your muse humming. It’s easy to learn how journaling inspires creativity so you can keep your muse happy and free.

If you don’t already journal, you have probably thought about it. Maybe you think the idea of keeping a journal is a little intimidating or have tried it and stopped. Regardless, journaling is something that you can start anytime.

To inspire creativity, the act of journaling should be stress free. There is no right or wrong way to write. Your journal should be as unique as you are.

The beauty of journaling is, it can be about anything, anytime. You will discover your own best time, place, and style.

How to Journal to Increase Inspiration

Some people suggest that you journal before going to bed, others in the middle of the day.   In her famous book, The Artist Way, Julia Cameron, suggests writing Morning Pages. Morning Pages are simply writing down three pages about anything that comes to mind.

No matter what time you write, remember that you’re only writing for yourself. It doesn’t need to impress anyone and doesn’t need to be perfect. It can be in any style, such as a list, a series of thoughts, a diary, and so on.

Daily entries can be as long or short as you want. The only rule, you need to take enough time to get your thoughts flowing and your words on the paper.

When making a habit of journaling, whether you start with writing three pages or write for an hour, twenty minutes, or five minutes, just begin. Make the commitment to stick to it. If you miss a day or two, simply pick up where you left off.

Healthy Journal Writing

Your journal should be a place of creativity and truth. It is a safe place where you can be yourself.

Positive journaling allows you to contemplate and examine your thoughts and experiences. It helps you define a course of action. It ignites positive change and inspiration. It allows you to unleash your mind and get things off your chest.

Many experts suggest that when writing down negative experiences or thoughts, you include positive solutions or ideas to contradict negativity. For example, when writing about a problem, also write about possible solutions.

Journaling can become negative if your journal becomes a dark place that causes you to isolate yourself, triggers depression, places blame on others, or nurtures a victim mentality. If you ever find yourself wallowing in negativity or suffering from depression, you should consider professional help.

Your journaling experience should positive. It should inspire creativity and growth. It should help you connect with your thoughts and rejuvenate you. It should set your Happy Mermaid muse free!

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