by Cheryl Olmstead

How to Make your Website Stand Out

When you want your website to stand out from the rest and be irresistible, professional designs can give you a competitive edge that will instantly impress your visitors to entice them to pause and stay awhile.

Many of your competitors are using mass-produced graphic designs that do nothing to set them apart or make a visual impact on their customers.

Sadly, there seems to be an unspoken status quo by which many sites are measured. But what happens when you boldly embrace the essence of what your company is about?

You make magic.

This magic happens when your visuals and story weave together to create a website that is unique and delivers what your customers are searching for.

You become memorable.

Custom graphic designs infused with fine art elements can set you apart from the sea of competitors who are using mass-produced graphic designs and help you share your products or services.

You become memorable when you visually offer something different and visually interesting. When something catches your eye, what do you do? You stop and take a closer look. You emotionally react with pleasure, interest, curiosity, or even get offended. The key here is that the image elicits a response. Good graphic designs help control the response of their viewers.

What Makes a Website Stand Out?

A website stands out when it seamlessly displays graphic designs and content that clearly delivers what your customer is searching for.

The best sites convey the tone of the site and easily draw visitors deeper into the content. They instantly go to work to captivate and do an excellent job of conveying the tone of your company.

When a person clicks on your website, they should be able to emotionally connect with you and understand what your site personality is.

For example, are you

· Bold and audacious

· Cool and professional

· Warm and comforting

· Innovative and progressive

· Creative and artistic

· Accurate and reliable

Regardless of your company’s personality, you should never be cookie cutter or boring. You can capture visual interest and maintain the appropriate level of professionalism that represents what your company is about.

You can make that magical connection by daringly sharing how unique and amazing you are.

Never blend in.

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