Book Cover Designer

I am a digital illustrator, often combining my fine art with stock imagery to create cover art. This painterly approach sets my designs apart from the ordinary stock images on the market today. I creatively produce a design element where someone can really judge a book by its cover. You wouldn’t write a book and not advertise it. The cover is your advertisement and marketing the story is of great value. A cover is created to evoke an emotional response from your reader. Because people process images more quickly than text, the cover art is crucial. I understand this concept and will work carefully with your request.

Don’t buy a premade cover when you can commission a true artist to correctly reflect the content of your prose. I can design covers to meet your needs, whether it be a romantic novel cover, fantasy book cover, science fiction book cover, to name a few. For professional book cover designs, contact me for a free quote today.

What I Need

I need you to submit a design brief. Lay out the parameters of your project and the deadlines you wish to achieve. What are the dimensions of the cover? Do you need to have extra content to serve as a bleed in printing? Summarize your written material and lay out what goal you wish to accomplish in your cover. Take in mind your target audience and the method of delivery. Include small excerpts of your book that may be of relevance to a book cover design. What is the mood you wish to convey to your reader? Provide examples of covers you are drawn to and state the reason why this resonates with you. To capture the essence of your book is of great importance to me.

Design Process

So, whether you have small how-to reference material or a best-selling manuscript, it makes no difference in the design process. I usually like to begin with three design concepts. You select the direction you would like me to take. At this time, if stock images need to be purchased, I will purchase them, with your approval. After receiving the image(s), I will finalize your design based on your selection. Minor changes can be made at this time.

Design Costs

The price of book cover art can generally range between $250 and $750 depending on the complexity of the assignment, materials and stock art purchased, and length of time needed to complete the work. Do you strictly need artwork, or do you need cover typography to go with the cover art also? Maybe you need an entire book jacket completed. Therefore, the price reflects the parameters of the assignment. It is customary to pay 50% of the design job up-front and 50% upon completion. Payments will be processed by PayPal.

Rights Usage

The art created remains the property of the artist, Laura L. Leatherwood. Specify whether your project is a print run or in e-book format. You may also want to use the image for book mock-ups and other advertising as well. I will quote your project accordingly to your specified terms. You always have the option to renew your usage rights.

Book Illustrator


Covers are not the only illustrations I can do. I can illustrate interiors pages as well. As above, let me know all the details of your assignment so I can offer you the most objective quote. I tend to quote jobs on the number of illustrations required. The more illustrations you commission, the greater the discount on the overall project. Will they be black and white illustrations or full-color? Will they be 1/2 page images or a spread, spanning two pages? Is this a book for adults or a child’s picture book? Please explain your project thoroughly. Picture books will often have a royalty attached to the assignment as well.

Maybe you have a text book which requires charts, graphs, and tables. Infographics may be an option for you. These are images that help your viewer visualize your presentation. Prices are based on the complexity of the material and images required.

Vector Illustration

Another type of illustration I am experienced in is vector illustration.  I used vector-based software and create images that are used in scaled images.  These are great for promotional items because they can be printed as small as a logo or as large as a billboard.

Several recently created vectors are located on the Happy Mermaids website.  I created a whole set of mermaid characters to sell on gifts and T-shirts.

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