Photo Painting

One outstanding way to celebrate a special occasion or milestone is to commission an artist photo painting. – Laura L. Leatherwood

Maybe it is a christening, quinceañera, bar mitzvah, sweet 16, or wedding engagement.  Don’t forget the wedding itself or the birth of your children. These moments in our lives are extra special and deserve special attention when documenting these events.

How Digital Painting Works

The basic art process Pen & Ink Magic begins with is painting. Leatherwood enjoys painting in all paint mediums but prefers the process of basic printmaking. She begins by placing acrylic paint on one surface and transferring the image to paper, thereby making a print of it. In the case of the featured images, she uses a silicone baking mat as her original surface. However, any surface can be used, even another piece of paper.

When creating a custom digital painting, Leatherwood begins with her own artwork. After spreading paint on a surface, she pulls a simple print on paper. If she is happy with the print, Leatherwood allows it to dry overnight. If she is not happy with it at this point, she will layer paint prints to achieve the desired effect.

After the client submits a pet photograph, Pen & Ink Magic scans art prints that are suitable for a composite image. A composite image is the merging of two or more images. In her case, she does the merging digitally. Leatherwood has had numerous college courses in the traditional fine art as well as graphic design software. Now, she get a chance to happily meld these two art mediums together. The result is a fantastic mixed media piece.

After Leatherwood has selected the images she is working with, the real magic begins. She uses state of the art software programs to combine these images into one magical piece of digital art. Leatherwood uses layer masks, blending modes, color changes, filter plug-ins, dodge and burn tools, and so on to create the right balance of realism versus the abstract. She uses her own artistic flair to achieve ultimate perfection.

Profile Portrait Paintings

Profile portrait paintings are all the rage these days. Make sure to have an image that stands out from the pack.

During the age of social media, a profile picture is tremendously important. It brands your image.

However, the threat of stolen identity is real. With a profile digital painting, your portrait image can look a great deal like you without worrying about it being copied and used in a legal document. The photo is enhanced.

Custom Dog Portraits

Instead of traditional dog portraits, I create a unique, one-of-a-kind, abstract dog portrait designs. – Laura L. Leatherwood

Please visit my post at: Custom Dog Portraits

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