Magic Journey
by Laura L. Leatherwood

Floating on the sea of truth,
my aging body seeks my youth.

Jetties block the waves caress,
that smoothes out life’s wrinkled mess.

Don’t lose hope before night sleeps,
you do not need to weep.

The stars will escort you without a plea
on your guided, magic journey.


Positively Me
by Laura L. Leatherwood

Sirens call in dead of night,
close your eyes while mermaids fight.

Gentle mist blows in the ocean breeze,
while mermen fall to their knees.

Oh, I affirm your kindred thoughts,
while rocking on shipwrecked cots.

Don’t think less of me,
because I am positively me!


Set Me Free
by Laura L. Leatherwood

On land or in the sea,
no one, again, will ever conquer me.

A striking future becomes the plan,
loving the creature, who I am.

The truth be told, as I grow old,
I will benefit from being bold.

Extraordinary is what I seek to be,
So, I am on a journey, to set me free.


Strike a Balance
by Laura L. Leatherwood

Below the horizon, beneath the sails,
strike a balance from head to tail.

Walk left or swim right,
strike a balance, an awesome sight.

Reach the top, skim the floor,
strike a balance, it’s not a chore.

Attack a puzzle, follow a dream,
strike a balance before you scream.

Enjoy a laugh, indulge a cry,
strike a balance on the fly.

Not only once, but more than twice,
remember to always, strike a balance at any price.


Tears of Ecstasy
by Laura L. Leatherwood

Mermaid tears are not merely fantasy,
They can cause great ecstasy.

Simply dab tears from the ocean,
if you need a quick love potion.

A dried tear, or sea glass art,
has properties to mend a broken heart.

Cast these stones into the sea,
and soon negative thoughts will flee.

Known as a healing power of the sea,
mermaid tears are pure bliss, you can see.


New Year’s Wish
by Laura L. Leatherwood

My New Year’s wish is to become a fish;
to touch the sky and not be shy.

Mastering creativity,
within a sea of possibility,
is my New Year’s goal to improve the soul.

My New Year’s message
is to grant safe passage;
resonating peace and friendship
without hardship.

For fear of the unknown
becomes nonsense outgrown,
and my New Year’s victory shines free.

So, my New Year’s dream is to scream;
I am a brave and beautiful fish
because of a New Year’s wish.

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