The ultimate goal of design is to help to present your business to the world. The tasks to achieve that can vary from simple logo touch-up to full-on creation of your visual identity.

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The design studio of Pen & Ink Magic is the place that nurtures creativity. Look through the eyes of an artist!

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Pen & Ink Magic works with the needs of the home consumer as well as the corporate professional by creating image enhancements or photo restorations.

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Why our Services are Desired

Creative design, playful illustrations, photo services, combined with professional quality, glowing references, and prompt service makes Pen & Ink Magic what it is today.

Laura L. Leatherwood at Pen & Ink Magic serves your company whether you a large box retailer, corporate management company, manufacter, Mom & Pop shop, or a consumer looking for a custom designed gift item.  We have you covered in graphic design, illustration, or photo painting, restoration, or retouch.

Bold, captivating, exclusive, distinctive, fascinating-uniquely you.

I launched Pen & Ink Magic in 2007 to help businesses captivate their customers through the brave use of color and distinctive designs.

Tired of the unimaginative designs so often seen rolling off the press in the graphic design world, I merged my education and training in the fine arts with my skills as a graphic designer, fine artist, and photographer.

This intersecting of skills allows me to create the unique designs that my clients crave. Colors infused with inspired creativity culminate into the custom art and designs that fascinate customers and enthrall family and friends.

If you prefer designs in the more traditional style, I can create those too – but the question is, why would you want ordinary when you can set yourself apart from the masses?

Why blend in when your message can stand out from a sea of cloned content in the most alluring yet professional way possible?

Even my traditional graphic design and custom art projects are never ordinary and will encompass the essence that is unique to your brand and needs.

I can create the branding, logo, business cards, website art, photos, T-shirt designs, custom art designs, pet portraits, and more that will move you away from the typical, repetitive projects flooding the marketplace and transform your projects into fresh and exciting works of art that are uniquely yours.

Proudly, my custom designs are never mass produced or sold en masse on cut-rate and low-quality sites. My professional art and design training is put to work for each client and never repackaged, repurposed and sold to competitors for cut-rate prices. Due to demand, my personal artwork is available for purchase or enjoyable viewing on various websites in select mediums.

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